The Korean Farmer Podcast Ep. 8: Amy Parman - Producer, Kindred Dinners & Korean Farmer Podcast


In this episode, it's just the hosts! Chef Steven and producer Amy Parman take to the mics and catch up about all things hospitality, self-awareness, taking on change in life, and of course, food! 

Steven and Amy crossed paths working together at a hospitality concept shortly after the Bailey family moved from Texas to Tennessee. A great friendship was born, and the rest, including the Kindred Dinner series and this here podcast, is history.

As promised, we've got both of our margarita recipes to share with you here…

Steven's "classy" margaritas: 

2 oz Herradura Blanca or Casa Migos 

1 oz Cointreau

1 oz Lime Juice

½ oz Agave

¼ oz egg white (optional)

Shake. Salt rim. Done.

Amy's "trashy" margaritas:

2 - 6oz frozen "Five Alive" citrus concentrate

2 - 3oz Triple Sec

2 - 6oz Tequila

Fill a blender with ice and the first batch 6oz of Five Alive, 3oz of Triple Sec, and 6oz of Tequila. Pour into a freezer-safe pitcher and set aside. Repeat with the second batch of ingredients, but with no ice. Add to the first batch in the pitcher, and place the pitcher into the freezer until it reaches your favorite level of slushiness. Serve and hold on to your hats! If you want a bit more citrus kick, add up to 1/2 container of frozen concentrated OJ, undiluted.

Recorded June 22, 2019 at The Kindred Farm studio. Produced by Amy Parman. Music by Mitch Lee.

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