The Korean Farmer Podcast Ep. 9: Amy Alexander of The Refuge Center


Chef Steven sits down with his wise friend Amy Alexander, Executive Director of The Refuge Center for Counseling, for a rich conversation about boundaries, pace, self-knowledge, and even what it was like living in an abandoned nightclub among gangs in South Central Los Angeles in her early 20s.

There are SO many interesting stories and practical takeaways in this episode. It’s pure gold, you guys.


The Refuge Center for Counseling opened in December 2005 as the vision of its founders Amy Alexander and Jennifer Gillett. Amy and Jennifer had a strong desire to serve their area of residence —Williamson County, TN —which is recognized for its wealth, oftentimes overshadowing those who are in need. To live among great prosperity and to be in need is often to feel invisible.

The Refuge Center’s mission was clear from the beginning—to offer affordable, professional counseling services in order to empower, educate and support individuals, couples and families in need. 

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Recorded July 13, 2019 at The Kindred Farm studio. Produced by Amy Parman. Music by Mitch Lee.

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The Korean Farmer Podcast Ep. 8: Amy Parman - Producer, Kindred Dinners & Korean Farmer Podcast


In this episode, it's just the hosts! Chef Steven and producer Amy Parman take to the mics and catch up about all things hospitality, self-awareness, taking on change in life, and of course, food! 

Steven and Amy crossed paths working together at a hospitality concept shortly after the Bailey family moved from Texas to Tennessee. A great friendship was born, and the rest, including the Kindred Dinner series and this here podcast, is history.

As promised, we've got both of our margarita recipes to share with you here…

Steven's "classy" margaritas: 

2 oz Herradura Blanca or Casa Migos 

1 oz Cointreau

1 oz Lime Juice

½ oz Agave

¼ oz egg white (optional)

Shake. Salt rim. Done.

Amy's "trashy" margaritas:

2 - 6oz frozen "Five Alive" citrus concentrate

2 - 3oz Triple Sec

2 - 6oz Tequila

Fill a blender with ice and the first batch 6oz of Five Alive, 3oz of Triple Sec, and 6oz of Tequila. Pour into a freezer-safe pitcher and set aside. Repeat with the second batch of ingredients, but with no ice. Add to the first batch in the pitcher, and place the pitcher into the freezer until it reaches your favorite level of slushiness. Serve and hold on to your hats! If you want a bit more citrus kick, add up to 1/2 container of frozen concentrated OJ, undiluted.

Recorded June 22, 2019 at The Kindred Farm studio. Produced by Amy Parman. Music by Mitch Lee.

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The Korean Farmer Podcast Ep. 7: Brad Herridge - Lover of Theology


In this episode, Chef Steven chats with his friend Brad Herridge, pastor and lover of theology, the best man in his wedding, and his best friend from Baylor University.

Steven and Brad recorded this episode during a personal retreat where they smoked some fine cigars and got to reconnect after many years of living in different states.

If you’re interested in an unorthodox, out-of-the-box look at faith, this conversation is for you. Brad is constantly looking for new ways to experience God, to think about God, and to continuously evolve.

Brad has a Doctorate in Ministry from Truett Seminary at Baylor University as well as a Master of Divinity from Truett. He pastored churches in Waco, TX and McLean, VA before settling back in Texas as Senior Pastor of Ocker Brethren Church outside Temple, TX. We think you'll enjoy this unconventional convo.

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Recorded May 2, 2019 at The Kindred Farm studio. Produced by Amy Parman. Music by Mitch Lee.

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The Korean Farmer Podcast Ep. 6: Jeremy Cowart - Artist, Photographer & Founder of The Purpose Hotel

This week, Chef Steven sits down with his longtime friend (and his wedding photographer!) Jeremy Cowart to discuss his new artwork, his new book, I'm Possible, and lots of exciting announcements about The Purpose Hotel. But first, Steven and Jeremy share a meal together - Mexican stir fry with cilantro lime cauli rice.


Named the “Most Influential Photographer on the Internet” by Huffington Post, Forbes and Yahoo in 2014, Jeremy Cowart is an award-winning photographer, artist, and entrepreneur whose mission in life is to "explore the intersection of creativity and empathy." Jeremy has published four books and is a sought-after speaker, having presented at TEDx, the United Nations and creative conferences across the country. 

His latest endeavor is The Purpose Hotel, a planned global for-profit hotel chain designed to fuel the work of not-for-profit organizations. He’s the founder of a global photography movement, Help-Portrait, a mobile social networking app called OKDOTHIS, and an online teaching platform, See University. He lives in Nashville, TN, with his wife and four children, two of whom are adopted from Haiti.

Jeremy’s new book, I’m Possible: Jumping Into Fear and Discovering a Life of Purpose, is now available everywhere. The book is based on Jeremy’s viral life story video that was released in 2015 and launched Jeremy’s speaking career where he has delivered this message to tens of thousands across America ever since. The book dives much deeper into all of the stories and projects Jeremy has done and ultimately encourages people of all ages to jump into fear in order to find their own purpose in life.

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Recorded April 13, 2019 at The Kindred Farm studio. Produced by Amy Parman. Music by Mitch Lee.

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The Korean Farmer Podcast Ep. 5: Marshall Lee - Film Director & Editor

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This week, Chef Steven's "favorite Canadian friend," film director and editor Marshall Lee is on the podcast. Marshall and Steven are old friends, but most recently they worked together to make the short film "The Korean Farmer", which received recognition from several film festivals. 


Marshall got his start at Sony Pictures in Los Angeles. Starting off as a special projects editor he honed his craft and learned the entire post-production process. After working on a slew of successful indie films and documentaries, his passion and talent caught the eye of Studio executives and Marshall was quickly awarded his first feature film, “The Rainbow Tribe,” starring David James Elliot and Grayson Russell. The film enjoyed a brief theatrical release and is now one of the highest rated and downloaded Family movies on Netflix.

In 2012, Marshall started JAMD Productions, a full service production company. Marshall and the team at JAMD have produced, shot and edited for some of the top companies in the world like Oakley, RIOT Games, Cinesamples, and worked on projects at Evolve IMG for ESPN (ESPN e:60s), NAT GEO and TLC.

Recorded April 6, 2019 at The Kindred Farm studio. Produced by Amy Parman. Music by Mitch Lee.

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The Korean Farmer Podcast Ep. 4: Jordan Critz - Composer, Producer & Songwriter


Chef Steven sits down with his friend and client Jordan Critz, an award-winning composer, producer, songwriter and all-around fascinating human. Jordan's work has been featured on numerous recordings for film and television including Disney, National Geographic, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, CBS, PBS, ABC, NBC, CW, ESPN, Lifetime, TEDx and more.  

But first, Steven’s family and Jordan’s family share a meal on the farm - a salad of epic proportions with turmeric hummus and lots of spring veggies.

We can pretty much guarantee you'll learn something new in this episode as they dive into topics like space/time realms, quantum physics, non-traditional spirituality, and metaphysics. Even if you’re a traditionalist, you can still get something out of this!

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Recorded March 30, 2019 at The Kindred Farm studio. Produced by Amy Parman. Music by Mitch Lee.

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The Korean Farmer Podcast Ep. 3: Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire


Chef Steven's friend Matty Mullins, frontman of the band Memphis May Fire and owner of On Point Pomade, visits the barn loft to record an episode in The Kindred Farm studio. But first, they share a meal of homemade chimichangas.

Steven and Matty’s conversation covers it all - music, food, travel, family, faith, and business.  

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The Korean Farmer Podcast Ep. 2: Derek Bareman of Church of the City Spring Hill


Derek Bareman, Chef Steven's pastor at Church of the City Spring Hill, visits the barn loft to record an episode.

Steven and Derek explore the many paths of faith and family, but they don't forget to talk food, too. 

Recorded February 16, 2019 at The Kindred Farm studio.

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Produced by Amy Parman. Music by Mitch Lee.

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The Korean Farmer Podcast Ep. 1: Chris Weninegar of Muletown Coffee


Chris Weninegar of Muletown Coffee in Columbia, TN joins us for our first episode of The Korean Farmer Podcast! 

Chef Steven and Chris try out the new, still-in-progress podcast studio in the barn loft at The Kindred Farm to talk about being entrepreneurs, foods they love, and the joys of living in small-town Tennessee.

Recorded February 9, 2019 at The Kindred Farm studio. 

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