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The Korean Farmer Podcast Ep. 4: Jordan Critz - Composer, Producer & Songwriter


Chef Steven sits down with his friend and client Jordan Critz, an award-winning composer, producer, songwriter and all-around fascinating human. Jordan's work has been featured on numerous recordings for film and television including Disney, National Geographic, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, CBS, PBS, ABC, NBC, CW, ESPN, Lifetime, TEDx and more.  

But first, Steven’s family and Jordan’s family share a meal on the farm - a salad of epic proportions with turmeric hummus and lots of spring veggies.

We can pretty much guarantee you'll learn something new in this episode as they dive into topics like space/time realms, quantum physics, non-traditional spirituality, and metaphysics. Even if you’re a traditionalist, you can still get something out of this!

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Recorded March 30, 2019 at The Kindred Farm studio. Produced by Amy Parman. Music by Mitch Lee.

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