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The Korean Farmer Podcast Ep. 5: Marshall Lee - Film Director & Editor

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This week, Chef Steven's "favorite Canadian friend," film director and editor Marshall Lee is on the podcast. Marshall and Steven are old friends, but most recently they worked together to make the short film "The Korean Farmer", which received recognition from several film festivals. 


Marshall got his start at Sony Pictures in Los Angeles. Starting off as a special projects editor he honed his craft and learned the entire post-production process. After working on a slew of successful indie films and documentaries, his passion and talent caught the eye of Studio executives and Marshall was quickly awarded his first feature film, “The Rainbow Tribe,” starring David James Elliot and Grayson Russell. The film enjoyed a brief theatrical release and is now one of the highest rated and downloaded Family movies on Netflix.

In 2012, Marshall started JAMD Productions, a full service production company. Marshall and the team at JAMD have produced, shot and edited for some of the top companies in the world like Oakley, RIOT Games, Cinesamples, and worked on projects at Evolve IMG for ESPN (ESPN e:60s), NAT GEO and TLC.

Recorded April 6, 2019 at The Kindred Farm studio. Produced by Amy Parman. Music by Mitch Lee.

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